Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mike Body- Selection Process (Single)

Mike Body
Selection Process ft. Devin

Released: May 24, 2014

Mike Body is a christian hip-hop artist hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. His voice has a definite Jay-Z feel to it, and his flow has the inflections-- complete with the occasional "AH" following a word. Mike's flow isn't as easy as Hov's, though, there is definite hesitation on some lines, like he isn't completely comfortable rapping, yet. 

Selection Process has a good, if cheesy, beat that is ruined completely by the chimes!. Heaven forbid a song about marital love be free from the auditory vomit that is chimes!. There is one point, about the 2:50 mark, where the song sounds like it is winding down, then chimes!, and we are up and running again for another 2 minutes. Devin doesn't add much to the track other than a half-hearted hook complete with unnecessary scatting. 

Body's christian influence runs deep in this song, and as with most christian music, it comes off being preachy and a little too earnest. Which will play well at a church, but won't do much in the secular music realm. Not that this song is bad, the idea at the center (you can't find a woman until you become a man) is a universal theme that many men, and women, forget. Unfortunately, that message gets buried underneath chimes! and a lackluster hook.

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