Monday, June 9, 2014

Pflames- Smoke and Fuck (Single)

Smoke and Fuck

Released: May, 2014

Smoke and Fuck is a single from the upcoming album by Omaha rapper/producer Pflames. It has a woozy, off-kilter stomp snap beat that will make a good radio play, but won't necessarily alienate hardcore hip hop heads. His voice has a raspy, hefty quality reminiscent of Biggie Smalls, and just as much domination. When he takes the mic, you take notice. The guest verse on the song by Y-Milo is the perfect contrast to Pflames, a rapid fire, quick witted erratic flow that is owed to another east coast legend: Imani the Great. 

The verses come quick, and don't over stay their welcome with straight to the point lyrics about, well, smoking and fucking.  What it lacks in subtlety is made up for in vivid imagery and wordplay, "Imma motherfuckin Rockstar/you could be my Paris/Take you to Hilton/Night vigil and film it." "She got her legs in the sky/ I'm inbetween her pyramid/ She keep her pussy shaved, I call it a Sphinx." The only downside to that bluntness, is the lackluster chorus. It is pretty simple, and nothing you would really hum later on after the party has ended, but it doesn't fall trap to the autotune monster like most other rap music-- so it deserves some props for that. 

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